Copper Structured Cabling

Copper Structured Cabling

Validated since 2002, the Cat.6 system is now the most used in the world.
Whether shielded or unshielded, Cat.6 cabling is the right answer to current building cabling needs. For IT cabling needs, it supports up to 1000Base-T with a low Bit Error Rate (BER) making it the best solutions for Gigabit Ethernet.

Regarding phone cabling, analogue, digital and IP-based phones are supported without any restriction. Cat.6 cables are usually AWG23 and, as a buy cheap viagra on line consequence, they can support DC currents up to 350 mA without rise in temperature.
For the same reason, Cat.6 systems are recommended for PoE (Power over Ethernet) equipment. CCTV over twisted pair may be installed for a link of 300 meters with a good balun (balanced-unbalanced) adaptation.

In a Cat.6 system, the backbone cabling may be implemented using Cat.6 cables if the maximum length is not greater than 100 meters, otherwise OM2 fiber is the better choice for the cabling infrastructure.

Multimedia Connect Category 6 solutions
Cat.6 unshielded modular jack Cat.6 shielded modular jack Cat.6 unshielded loaded patch panel
Unloaded modular patch panel
bc5enb connector bc6fs connector bc6nbpan patch panel
bcpan1ul patch panel


Cat.6 U/UTP cable Cat.6 F/UTP cable Cat.6 U/UTP patch cords Cat.6 F/UTP patch cords
cat6 utp cable cat6 ftp cable cat6 utp patch cords cat6 ftp patch cords