Fiber Connectivity

Indoor/Outdoor fiber optic systems

Mainly used for back bone and long distances in Premise Networks, fiber optic solutions offer a higher bandwidth compared to copper and are increasingly necessary as IT network’s speed develops. However fiber optic systems remain up to twice as expensive as their copper equivalent which limits their use up “to the desk”.

Our recommendation is to use fiber as a complement of a copper horizontal infrastructure and to select the fiber performance in relation with the network application.

Multimedia connect fiber optic solutions include the latest OM4 and OS2 fibre types which are necessary to anticipate on 40 Gigabits/s and 100 Gigabits/s applications.

Multimedia Connect fiber cialis sans ordonnance solutions

Multimedia Connect can rely on TKH Group R&D and manufacturing facilities for its fiber optic solution, to offer a comprehensive range of multi-mode and single-mode fiber optic cables.

Indoor and indoor/outdoor fiber optic cables

Indoor LSZH Cable Indoor/Outdoor
Tight buffered LSZH
Loose tube LSZH
bifibre fiber cable multi12ie fiber cable intex12sh fiber cable

Outdoor fiber optic cables

Outdoor Cable
Tight buffered – PEHD
Outdoor Cable
Loose Tube – PEHD
Outdoor Cable – Direct buried
Loose tube – Steel armour – PEHD
multiex fiber cable extmt fiber cable extalmt fiber cable

Fiber optic connectivity

ST connectors & adapters SC connectors & adapters LC connectors & adapters
48MMTST 48MMCST2 connector 48MMCSCS 48MMTSCS connector 48MMCLCS 48MMCLCD connector

Fiber optic accessories

Patch cords & pigtails Modular 19’’ patch panel Wall boxes and outlets
JLCLC1DMUL patch cords pigtail 49TO1LC12G drawers 48BMOP3P 48FTTD wall boxes and outlets